Greek Honey

A functional food highly revered by Ancient Greeks for its ability to promote better health. Greek honey is one of the most nutritional, natural foods that is filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal substances. 
The year-round summer sun and the dry air create an excellent environment for the honeybees to thrive. Greece is also host to the richest flora in the Mediterranean with several hundred species found only in Greece.
This healthy natural sweetener offers many nutritional benefits depending on its variety:

Oak Tree Honey

  • Beneficial for gastric disorders, influenza, fatigue + hemorrhoids
  • Rich in antioxidant + antiallergenic properties
  • Source of potassium, phosphorus, iron + sodium
  • Enzymes may enhance function of metabolism + vital organs
  • Low sugar concentration – an excellent option for diabetics! 
  • Confirmed to be far superior in taste, aroma + health benefits than Manuka honey

Pine Tree Honey

  • Tonic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant + antiseptic properties
  • Soothes sore throats + suppresses coughs
  • Low Ph + high hydrogen peroxide content can be beneficial for many diseases
  • Beneficial for throat diseases, ulcer problems + gout
Thyme Honey
  • Tonic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant + antiseptic properties
  • Anti-allergenic properties
  • Soothing for sore throats + coughs
  • Rich source of copper + iron
  • Can be used topically for cuts, burns + wounds
  • Beneficial for upper respiratory + gynaecological diseases, preventing cancer

    A spoonful of Greek honey a day will keep the doctor away!

    Crystallization  As a pure, unpasteurized and unheated honey, it will crystallize eventually as a natural phenomenon. This is an indication that the honey is pure and raw! If this occurs, place in oven at 95-105°F for 20 minutes, or immerse jar in boiled (95-105°F) water for 20 minutes.