About Us

We are a Winnipeg-based company providing Canada with exclusively-sourced and imported superfood products from Greece.

Our name is inspired by the beautiful city of Corinth - the Greek hometown of one of our co-founders and one of the sources of our products. Together as a company, we strongly believe in the medicinal power of food to heal our bodies from the inside-out. Our mission is to provide you with the natural Greek superfoods to better your health from the core!

Our bodies are always working hard for us so we can live healthy lives. At KOR we believe in using nature to help our bodies to heal and stay healthy. We wanted to give more people the opportunity to benefit from the medicinal wisdom of Ancient Greece. The Greek diet is internationally revered for its nutrient dense and balanced foods that provide powerful health benefits and exceptional flavours. 

Join us on this journey to learning more about the amazing gifts nature has given us to live our best lives.