Corinthia Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

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Superior monovarietal Greek extra virgin olive oil sourced from Manaki olives cultivated in the region surrounding Corinth, Greece. Rich taste and soft texture offer excellent flavour.


Variety  100% Manaki

Acidity  0.2 - 0.5%

Appearance  Bright green colour with golden-lemon sheens and harmonious meniscus.

Aroma  Distinctive aromas of fresh fruits, balanced botanicity with sweet notes of olive.

Taste  Soft sense in the mouth, moderate balanced density, with aromatic notes of flowers and fresh citrus fruits. Low sense of acidity in the mouth, with a soft aftertaste that lasts without burning in the throat.

Harmony  It fits harmonically into salads, as a base in dressing, cooking and finishing, even as pure as dip for toasted bread.

Packing  It is available in tinplate containers of 1L.

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