Greek Oak Tree Honey 460g - Limited Edition

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A superior monofloral honey containing predominantly oak tree pollen. Held in high regard for its healing properties since Ancient Greece. Oak tree honey is incredibly nutritious and is one of the richest in antioxidant properties. 

This exceptional honey is only produced in limited amounts - get it while it lasts! Oak tree honey is one of the rarest and most sought after honey in the world!

Dark amber-coloured oak tree honey is known for its density, complex viscous flavour and subtle caramel tones. It has a low sugar concentration of which the honey sugars are easily digestible and the nutrients are readily absorbed by the body. 

Bee keepers must travel 10km by foot to access the bee hives in the mountainous region of southern Macedonia.


Type  Rare, Limited, Premium, 100% Pure, Raw, Monofloral Oak Tree Honey

Geographical Source  Southern Macedonia of Greece

Annual Harvest  June – August

Store in a dry and in 50-70°F temperature to avoid compromising the quality of the honey.

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